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Understanding the need for personalized fertility and family-forming care

60% of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable through interventions such as patient knowledge, provider support, and healthcare coordination.

63% of LGBTQ+ people plan to grow their family using assisted reproductive technology or adoption.

4 in 10 employers offer fertility benefits to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Culturally competent care is essential

Culturally competent care is a model that respects diversity and incorporates social, cultural, and linguistic needs to improve health and healthcare. By delivering healthcare experiences that meet each person’s unique needs, culturally competent care aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate health disparities.

Cultural competence in fertility care

Black people are twice as likely to experience infertility than white people but are less likely to receive care. Members of the LGBTQ+ community find that few providers have experience with same-sex or trans-inclusive family forming. Culturally competent fertility care recognizes how someone’s background influences their experience and personalizes resources to meet their needs.

Culturally competent care at Carrot

Baby Steps Podcast

Making the case for fertility benefits to leadership

In this episode, we talk with Elastic’s Global HR lead about how she made the case for fertility benefits to her leadership team, including the financial side. We also talk with a fertility physician about the impact culturally competent care can have on health outcomes, especially for members of the BIPOC community.

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Egg, sperm, and embryo freezing

Carrot supports fertility preservation — personal or medical, any reason, anytime, through preparation, freezing, and storage.

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When IVF is the right option, Carrot prioritizes safe and cost-effective pregnancies. By promoting single embryo transfers, Carrot decreases risks and drives healthier outcomes.

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Gestational surrogacy

Carrot provides an array of support for donor-assisted journeys, including adoption and gestational surrogacy, and guidance to vetted agencies and legal partners.

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Pregnancy and postpartum

From prenatal to postpartum, Carrot provides world-class resources, support, and education that improves health outcomes, lowers healthcare costs, and helps employees navigate life changes.

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Menopause and low testosterone

Fertility health is a lifelong journey, and Carrot is there every step of the way. As a complete, clinically-validated, age-inclusive package — with support for menopause and low T — no employee is ever left behind.

Culturally competent care

Carrot provides culturally competent care including guidance to BIPOC providers and those who provide specialized care for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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