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The stats about pregnancy

At Carrot, we guide our members through their pregnancy options so they can make informed, evidence-based decisions. As a result, Carrot members see improved outcomes, reducing overall healthcare costs and avoiding unnecessary C-sections and prolonged hospitalizations.

Carrot members see 25 to 45% lower miscarriage rates compared to industry and national averages

C-section rates can be reduced 31% from interactions with midwives, doulas, and Carrot Experts.

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After utilizing Carrot's pregnancy and postpartum support, 9 out of 10 employees return to work.

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Why pregnancy and postpartum workplace benefits are important

Pregnant people today deal with ever-changing situations; as a result, they have more questions than ever before. Pregnancy and postpartum workplace benefits help close health gaps and provide accessible, inclusive care to your employees. We offer virtual sessions with emotional well-being experts to give parents-to-be a chance to mentally prepare for birth and changes in their day-to-day lives.

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Expert pregnancy support, every step of the way

From midwives, doulas, OB/GYNs and other physicians to lactation consultants, educators, and return-to-work coaches, there is a Carrot Expert for everyone at every step throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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Holistic care throughout pregnancy and postpartum journeys

On-demand, doctor-approved content, birth education classes, meditation, prenatal yoga, and more, are available to help members ease their anxiety with a team they trust.

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Here for everyone — no matter how long they need support

Family-forming journeys can be physically, emotionally, and financially challenging for many people worldwide, which is why members have unlimited access to postpartum support. Journeys don’t end after pregnancy, and neither does our care.

Baby Steps Podcast

Think differently about fertility benefits

Snap, Inc.'s senior benefits manager shares how her company determined the ideal coverage amount for their employees, and one UK-based couple discusses how their gestational carrier journeys led to creating a full-fledged agency.

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Explore other journeys

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Egg, sperm, and embryo freezing

Carrot supports fertility preservation — personal or medical, any reason, anytime, through preparation, freezing, and storage.

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When IVF is the right option, Carrot prioritizes safe and cost-effective pregnancies. By promoting single embryo transfers, Carrot decreases risks and drives healthier outcomes.

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Gestational surrogacy

Carrot provides an array of support for donor-assisted journeys, including adoption and gestational surrogacy, and guidance to vetted agencies and legal partners.

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Pregnancy and postpartum

From prenatal to postpartum, Carrot provides world-class resources, support, and education that improves health outcomes, lowers healthcare costs, and helps employees navigate life changes.

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Menopause and low testosterone

Fertility health is a lifelong journey, and Carrot is there every step of the way. As a complete, clinically-validated, age-inclusive package — with support for menopause and low T — no employee is ever left behind.

Culturally competent care

Carrot provides culturally competent care including guidance to BIPOC providers and those who provide specialized care for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Carrot is proud to work with innovative leaders

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Bring exceptional pregnancy and postpartum benefits to your organization

Learn how Carrot can help your employees navigate pregnancy and postpartum journeys with world-class resources, support, and education.

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