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Support every lifelong fertility journey

Carrot provides personalized, expert support for people exploring their fertility health, pursuing parenthood, already pregnant, or going through menopause or low testosterone — all on an easy-to-access platform. Because no two fertility journeys are the same, and everyone deserves care that’s right for them.

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Exceptional outcomes, cost-effective care

Carrot's unique educational program guides members to lower cost, medically appropriate care. And when IVF is the best option, our focus on clinical best practices has resulted in an industry-leading 93% SET rate — the single most predictive indicator of a singleton IVF pregnancy and subsequent successful singleton live birth — and above-average IVF pregnancy rates. That means better outcomes, better member experiences, and, ultimately, lower costs.

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Global reach, unparalleled resources

With the largest global network of 10,000+ clinics and agencies in 130+ countries, Carrot members get exceptional, personalized support no matter where they are. And with the Carrot Card, securely paying for care is fast and easy even with international transactions and cross-border care.

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Egg, sperm, and embryo freezing

Carrot supports fertility preservation — personal or medical, any reason, anytime, through preparation, freezing, and storage.

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When IVF is the right option, Carrot prioritizes safe and cost-effective pregnancies. By promoting single embryo transfers, Carrot decreases risks and drives healthier outcomes.

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Gestational surrogacy

Carrot provides an array of support for donor-assisted journeys, including adoption and gestational surrogacy, and guidance to vetted agencies and legal partners.

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Pregnancy and postpartum

From prenatal to postpartum, Carrot provides world-class resources, support, and education that improves health outcomes, lowers healthcare costs, and helps employees navigate life changes.

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Menopause and low testosterone

Fertility health is a lifelong journey, and Carrot is there every step of the way. As a complete, clinically-validated, age-inclusive package — with support for menopause and low T — no employee is ever left behind.

Culturally competent care

Carrot provides culturally competent care including guidance to BIPOC providers and those who provide specialized care for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

See why members love Carrot

95% of members say they’ll stay longer at their employer because it offers Carrot.

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Unrivaled service

“Amazing team, super helpful responses — it makes me feel more empowered, confident, and overall just so incredibly grateful for this benefit and all that it covers. Thank you, Carrot!”

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Unparalleled inclusivity

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you so much for how inclusive your services are. As a trans man, I was so surprised and happy to see that my needs are taken into consideration and can be covered. Thank you!”

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Exceptional impact

“Couldn’t be happier with this benefit. It’s really a life-changing opportunity."

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Support your employees with fertility and family-forming care for everyone, everywhere

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Carrot Plans

Carrot offers personalized care, every step of the way.

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Carrot Card

The Carrot Card is a one-of-a-kind, innovative payment solution to simplify fertility and family-forming care around the world.

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Return to work

After utilizing Carrot's pregnancy and postpartum support, 9 out of 10 employees return to work.

Clinical excellence, curated care

We are dedicated to providing clinical excellence in every aspect of our services. By seamlessly combining expert clinical support with personalized guidance, our pioneering single embryo transfer program boasts industry-leading single embryo transfer (SET) rates and above-average IVF pregnancy rates — and our methodology is validated by Milliman.

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89% of members intend to transfer a single embryo after engaging with Carrot.

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Carrot has the highest SET rate of any fertility benefits company, and our methodology has been independently validated by Milliman.

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C-section rates can be reduced 31% from interactions with midwives, doulas, and Carrot Experts.

Carrot is proud to work with innovative leaders

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 We believe in age-inclusive fertility healthcare, which is why we're delighted to see Carrot leading the way with this robust solution that includes fertility treatments and pregnancy, as well as menopause and low testosterone care.

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By offering diverse benefits that meet folks where they are, we practice what we preach. Innovative and meaningful benefits like Carrot have greatly impacted employee recruitment and have helped us retain top talent.

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The market is always changing, and we need to stay relevant and competitive to attract and retain talent. Offering Carrot helps us meet that goal.

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A lot of companies say they are "global," but they can’t deliver on it. With Carrot, it’s been easy to take our benefit global. Ultimately, it was a business decision, and Carrot was the complete package.

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