Washington consumer health data privacy notice

Last updated: March 1, 2024

Scope and applicability

This notice supplements the Carrot Privacy Notice and applies to Personal Information defined as “Consumer Health Data” subject to the Washington State My Health My Data Act (“MHMDA”).

Consumer health data we collect

As described in this section of the Carrot Privacy Notice, we collect Personal Information about you when you voluntarily submit information to us when you use our Service. We also collect Personal Information through automated means, as explained in more detail here, and from third parties, as described here.  Many of the categories of data we collect may be considered “Consumer Health Data,” since this term is defined very broadly under the MHMDA.

Examples of Consumer Health Data may include, but are not limited to:

  • Information about your health-related conditions, such as your interest in various fertility health and family-forming options, any relevant diagnoses you may have received, and related health information.
  • Precise location information that could reasonably indicate your attempt to acquire or receive health services or supplies.
  • Information that could identify your attempt to seek health care services or information, including services that allow you to assess, measure, improve, or learn about your or another person’s health.
  • Other information that may be used to infer or derive data related to the above or other health information.
Sources of consumer health data

As described further here, we collect Personal Information (which may include Consumer Health Data) directly from you, indirectly from third parties, and through automated means.

How and why we use consumer health data

Certain Personal Information we collect from you may constitute “Consumer Health Data” as defined by the MHMDA.  

The categories of data we collect that are most likely to constitute “Consumer Health Data” are:

  • Sensitive Personal Information, such as health data and data about your sexual orientation
  • Information provided through comments, chats, and opinions
  • Payment and transaction information
  • Location information

Please see here to find out how and why we use this information. While these categories are most likely to constitute Consumer Health Data, please make sure you review and understand the other categories as well.

We may use Consumer Health Data for other purposes for which we give you choices and/or obtain your consent as required by law.  See here for more details on the controls and choices you may have.

Third parties with which we share consumer health data

We may share Consumer Health Data with the recipients and for the purposes set forth here.

How to exercise your rights

MHMDA provides certain rights with respect to Consumer Health Data, including rights to access, delete, or withdraw consent relating to such data, subject to certain exceptions.

If you wish to exercise one of these rights, in addition to your rights listed here, contact us at data-requests@get-carrot.com.