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Carrot's proactive, transparent approach guides to medically appropriate, lower-cost care with no hidden fees or delayed billing.

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By the numbers: the cost of medically inappropriate care

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C-sections cost approximately 50% more than vaginal births — and they’re occurring in the U.S. far more often than medically necessary.

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The cost of multiples is 5x that of a singleton birth — and 18x for triplets or more.

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The average daily cost of NICU services ranges from $6,500 to $8,300.

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Evidence-based, exceptional care — for everyone

Provide personalized fertility and family-forming care backed by unmatched expertise with flexibility to meet your needs.

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Better care, increased savings

Lower overall healthcare costs through clinical guidance, pregnancy and postpartum support, and more.

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Stick to budget

97% of companies say providing infertility coverage has not significantly increased medical plan costs.

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Avoid high-cost claims

Avoiding a single NICU visit, in nearly all cases, covers the cost of providing fertility benefits to your organization.

Carrot has the highest single embryo transfer (SET) rate of any fertility platform.

Carrot’s flexible plan design can meaningfully improve medical outcomes, including healthy pregnancies and successful future live births, without also contributing to the overuse of expensive and sometimes unnecessary interventions. And it's all backed by a methodology independently validated by Milliman.


For a gay couple like my partner and I, it’s especially important…this makes you feel included. It makes you feel like you’re an important part of the organization.

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How Carrot benefits save money

Two thirds of Carrot members choose less invasive options over IVF when appropriate, eliminating costly and medically unnecessary procedures.

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C-section rates can be reduced 31% from interactions with midwives, doulas, and Carrot Experts, eliminating both procedural and hospital stay costs.

Carrot’s industry-leading 93% SET rate leads to reduced risk of low birth weight deliveries, costly NICU admissions, and lengthy hospital stays.

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Give your workforce the benefits they want

Expand access to care while lowering healthcare costs with fertility healthcare and family-forming benefits.

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For Employers

The fertility platform that’s right for your company, right now

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For Benefit Consultants

A flexible, inclusive fertility platform for modern organizations

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For Health Plans

A comprehensive fertility and family-forming platform that sets your plan apart

Offer your organization more

See how Carrot can transform your organization with an innovative platform backed by credentialed expertise.

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