Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Carrot

Committed to building an inclusive workforce

Our philosophy

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are foundational to our success as a company. People are our greatest strength as an organization, and we are a stronger company when each one of us can be our true selves at work. As a company, we strive to build an inclusive workforce, bridging various backgrounds and perspectives through our programs, processes, and how we interact with each other. As employees, we all share a responsibility to foster an environment in which everyone feels free to contribute, share ideas, and succeed as their full selves.

Learning and development

At Carrot, we believe learning should be a lifelong endeavor. We have designed our learning programs to ensure every Carrot is provided with the educational tools and resources needed to help them become their best selves both inside and outside of work.

Carrot creates resources and training surrounding cross-cultural communication and inclusive language. We offer ongoing (and evolving) training on a variety of topics including:

Harassment prevention

DEIB and cultural events

Unconscious bias

Inclusive fertility journeys

Awards and honors

Carrot has been recognized and awarded for its inclusive environment. Check out some of our recent wins.

Supporting our inclusive culture

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Carrot 4 Carrot

At Carrot, our mission is fertility care for all, and that includes our own Carrots. All full-time Carrot employees have access to the same range of fertility and family-forming care and services we provide to our own customers including fertility preservation, donor assistance, gestational surrogacy, adoption, pregnancy, menopause and low T support, and more.

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Our recruiting team works to find innovative ways to tap into underrepresented talent from various backgrounds. We currently have a partnership with Lesbians Who Tech, and leverage other platforms to advertise our job openings that are dedicated to underrepresented groups, such as RemotePOC. Additionally, we proactively monitor our recruiting pipelines  to ensure we are able to address potential bias or areas of improvement in our recruiting efforts.

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Carrot Culture Chats

We additionally created our “Carrot Culture Chats” initiative as a part of our interview process. This is an opportunity for candidates who make it to final rounds of interviews to connect with a member of one of our ECGs to better understand the culture at Carrot.

Employee Community Groups

Employee community groups (ECGs) are employee-led groups focused on fostering diversity, inclusion, and belonging within Carrot. These groups help employees build stronger connections, offer social, educational and community activities, create development opportunities, and increase engagement among colleagues.

Black @ Carrot

Black @ Carrot is an ECG for all Black-identifying members of Carrot to have a safe space to connect and discuss all things relating to the Black community at large. Black @ Carrot works to create several initiatives regarding community outreach, raising awareness, and supporting our overall DEIB efforts as a company.

Carrot AAPI

The AAPI group is open to anyone at Carrot who identifies as Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander (AAPI). The mission is to foster a community of belonging, discourse, and engagement for all AAPI-identifying employees of Carrot.

Carrot Spoonies

The Spoonies group raises awareness of people living with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities, as well as the people who support them. They provide a supportive community for Spoonies to share real-life stories in an authentic, open, and honest environment.

Las Zanahorias

Las Zanahorias seeks to advocate for the Latinx community and promote Latinx culture, both here at Carrot and externally. They do this by fostering an inclusive, safe space for social connectivity, learning, and collective action.

Parents of Carrot

The Parents of Carrot group is open to parents with children of all ages, soon-to-be parents, people who serve a parental function in a child's life, and anyone else who is interested.

Rainbow Carrots

The mission of Rainbow Carrots is to foster a space of community and advocacy for LGBTQ+ employees. This includes advancing workplace inclusion for LGBTQ+ candidates/employees of all backgrounds, as well as leveraging our diverse roles to make the benefit itself more welcoming, equitable, and accessible to LGBTQ+ members.

Representation at Carrot

Our goal is to create a workforce that reflects the member population that we serve.

White 64%
Asian 13%
Hispanic or Latino 11%
Black or African 8%
Two or more races (not Hispanic or Latino) 3.8%
Native Hawaiian or other 0.2%
Female 73%
Male 27%

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