Carrot expands award-winning menopause and low T product with global support for hormone replacement therapy

Carrot announced today the expansion of its clinically-validated menopause and low testosterone (low T) product with the addition of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) coverage. Carrot members will have access to HRT medication coverage to effectively manage menopause and low T symptoms, including the ability to order through Carrot Rx. Additionally, members will have access to virtual and in-person clinic visits with doctors, nurses, and other experts who specialize in menopause and low T care. This first-of-its-kind offering expands access to HRT for people experiencing menopause and low T in every major region worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Major gaps in care for perimenopause, menopause, and low testosterone (low T) exist in nearly every healthcare system around the world. In the United States, for example, fewer than 20% of all OB/GYNs are trained in menopause care. Unfortunately, finding a provider is only the first challenge. From there, it is often difficult for patients to then access the right personalized hormonal prescription medication that is most effective for each individual. While public and private healthcare systems provide some coverage for hormone replacement therapy, significant gaps exist. Conflicting guidance around HRT has led health insurance plans to offer only limited coverage, with many medications not fully covered and newer, innovative treatments often not covered at all. Men experiencing low T often struggle with existing solutions that may not meet national control guidelines and provide the necessary medical education. 

As a result, millions of people – especially women – are unable to access care that can dramatically improve their fertility health and quality of life, including increased productivity at work. In a recent report published by Carrot, women ranked their 50s as the most challenging decade for being in the workforce, nearly half have considered changing jobs to find remote work so they can better manage symptoms, and about 1 in 4 considered retiring early due to menopause. 

“The dramatic hormonal changes seen during menopause and age-related low T can negatively impact people physically, mentally, and emotionally and, unfortunately, many treatment options are not covered by health insurance,” said Dr. Asima Ahmad, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Carrot Fertility. “With both provider matching through Carrot's menopause and low T network and coverage for HRT, members can now get the comprehensive care they need, when they need it.”

With Carrot, members will now be able to access personalized hormonal care with the most comprehensive formulary currently available to support this area of fertility healthcare. For U.S. members, this includes the ability to easily order HRT medications through Carrot Rx, the company’s virtual pharmacy, available in all 50 states. Carrot Rx provides 24/7 clinician support for understanding these complex medications as well as ensuring testosterone is safely and legally distributed. Additionally, members will have access to virtual and in-person clinic visits with doctors that specialize in menopause and low T care. Carrot’s award-winning menopause and low T support has been recognized by Fast Company and the Anthem Awards for destigmatizing these topics in the workplace and being the first fertility benefits platform to offer clinically-validated, age-inclusive fertility benefits. 

Since first introducing menopause and low T support last year, more than half of Carrot’s customers have added comprehensive support for menopause and low T as part of their fertility benefits package. For Carrot members, that means they have improved access to providers through a specialized network, clinically backed education, intimate group support in our virtual community, and, moving forward, HRT coverage. Members can opt into a personalized Carrot Plan, receive telehealth access to specialized experts, participate in expert-led group sessions, access Carrot-vetted providers that support menopause and low T, and access additional resources, including registered dieticians and psychologists.

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