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Validating the cost-saving impact of Carrot benefits

We’re thrilled to share that Carrot’s U.S. cost savings impact data has been validated by the Validation Institute. Over the course of three months, the Validation Institute’s team of data scientists, analysts, and health scientists conducted a rigorous review of how Carrot is able to lower healthcare costs and, ultimately, help customers save money

During the process, Validation Institute’s team took a close look at how Carrot directly saves customers in a number of ways, including:

  • Reducing the rate of multiple births and NICU events through a single embryo transfer policy, rigorous clinic vetting, and personalized plans that include deep education for members on best practices
  • Offering evidence-based, non-invasive interventions for members to pursue when surgeries like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) are unneeded or undesired
  • Saving members significantly on fertility medications through Carrot Rx
  • Competitive pricing on fertility claims costs

The assessment also included an analysis of Carrot’s indirect cost savings. It’s well-documented that dealing with fertility issues or complicated family-forming journeys can be extremely stressful for employees, and it can negatively impact their work performance as a result. And mental health concerns are also associated with family-forming — half of women and 15% of men said that infertility was the most upsetting experience of their lives. The Validation Institute was able to verify that Carrot’s cost savings impact data accurately demonstrates indirect cost savings in these areas.

An independent, third-party auditor, the Validation Institute is dedicated to providing unbiased, data-driven insights on healthcare solutions to drive transparency in healthcare. Their team has assessed a number of healthcare solutions, including Quantum Health, Virta, Welltok, SWORD Health, and Alight. As part of achieving this level of certification, the Validation Institute provides a $10K guarantee as part of their Credibility Guarantee Program.

Schedule time with our team to learn more about how your company could lower healthcare costs with Carrot. 

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