New from Carrot: Faster reimbursements, expanded language support, and more

At Carrot, we’re always hard at work on improving every member’s experience. In the last several months, our focus has been on a few key areas: expanding integration with health plan providers, empowering members with the right information, improving the reimbursement experience, and supporting members in new countries.

We added health plan deductible support

Carrot works with some of the world’s most forward-thinking employers, and each of them provide employees access to a variety of health insurance plans. To better support these employers and their employees, we’ve added support for several new plan providers. Now, even more members can connect their health plans to their Carrot account and track contributions made toward their regular plan deductibles within the Carrot web app.

We expanded our Support Center

No matter what family-forming journey someone is on, they are probably going to have a few questions along the way. That’s why we just launched our new Support Center in 2020 — to make sure members can get answers to their questions about Carrot benefits as quickly as possible. We’ve continued to expand the Support Center to include new articles about discounts and perks available to Carrot members and answers to frequently asked questions about deductibles and using Carrot with a health savings account (HSA).

We sped up the reimbursement experience

While Carrot has always aimed to deliver reimbursements quickly and efficiently, we made a deeper investment in this area over the last few months. With a new setup of alerts, monitoring, and streamlined interfaces for our internal teams, our fast turnaround times for reimbursement are now even faster.

We expanded our Care Team to support more languages and more members

Carrot now has members in over 50 countries around the world. We’re constantly working on ways to make sure every one of their experiences are as seamless as possible. As of today, our Care Navigators can welcome, support, and educate members who speak English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Hebrew, with more languages being added regularly.

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