The new Carrot Fertility member experience

Four years ago, we founded Carrot to serve employers by making it easier and more affordable for their employees — our members — to pursue parenthood. Whether members are adopting, going through fertility treatment, finding a gestational carrier, or just starting to explore their fertility options, Carrot offers personalized care navigation with an empathetic understanding that each member has different experiences, even when the treatment or services received are the same. Carrot has never been more committed to this promise of personalized care.

In fact, we’ve doubled down on it. After analyzing the feedback, experiences, and decisions of tens of thousands of members, we spent the last six months reimagining the entire experience from the ground up. Today, I’m excited to walk you through some of the most important new features of the Carrot app that will help ensure members continue to get world-class, compassionate, clinically-managed fertility care. 

What’s new today:

  • A better onboarding experience with improved member education to effectively and quickly communicate how fertility coverage works through Carrot, in their specific geography. This onboarding also invites them to build a unique Carrot profile.
  • Deeper personalization with a new homepage that surfaces only the most relevant content, videos, expert chats, and financial features like the Carrot Card®
  • More intuitive navigation to make it quicker for members to find what they are looking for when they need it most.
  • A clearer financial transactions dashboard to make it easier to understand what’s covered — and how much coverage is available. Financial coverage is such a critical part of fertility benefits and now members have even simpler, clearer access to their benefit dollars. 
  • A more robust content library to get members quick access to any information they need on their fertility journey — both now and in the future.

A better onboarding experience

Onboarding is a member’s first chance to get to know Carrot, so we built an experience that combines a quick and easy overview of their new benefit with an invitation to create their unique Carrot profile through a few short questions. Members can skip questions they don’t want to answer or may prefer to answer later.

Once finished, their full Carrot experience is deeply personalized to their profile — member education, frequently asked questions, and more are all tailored around where they currently are in their journey. 

Deeper homepage personalization

Carrot is a flexible benefit that works for everyone’s unique fertility journey. Because of that, personalization is at the core of everything we do. Our homepage now adapts to each member, surfacing only the most relevant information — content, videos, expert chats, and financial features like the Carrot Card.

We also know that journeys and plans change over time — what’s relevant today may not be tomorrow. As members pursue parenthood in different ways, their homepage will change with them.

More intuitive navigation 

Our new navigation system makes it faster for members to find what they are looking for, when they need it. This includes a more prominent way to reach our medical experts and Care Navigation team — so members looking for guidance can get it right away.

A new sidebar also surfaces frequently asked questions, status information, and support options so that anytime a member has a question, help is just a click away.

Clearer financial transactions dashboard

Financial coverage is a critical part of fertility benefits. As we add services and offer easier payment methods like the Carrot Card, we want to make sure that access to financial information stays clear and accessible. Our newly-redesigned transactions dashboard makes it easier to understand what’s covered, how much coverage is available, and how a member has used their benefit so far.

More robust content library

Carrot’s team of Care Navigators, clinicians, lawyers, adoption specialists, and more have always shared their expertise in our content library. Now, its new organization structure makes it clear where to go for the information most relevant to a member now, while also making it simple to explore all of the library’s topics in case their journey changes in the future. And as we continue to add services, the structure allows us to easily expand to include additional topics.

This new member experience is not just a response to everything we have learned about members in our years of helping them pursue parenthood — it’s a solid foundation for what we’re building for the future. We’re thrilled to share the new Carrot member experience with the world.

We’d like to thank our design partner All Turtles for their role in helping to create the new Carrot experience.

Want to learn more about Carrot’s new member experience? Reach out today.

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