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Carrot Rx®: An online pharmacy for savings, support, and peace of mind

For far too long, medication management has been one of the most stress-inducing parts of going through fertility treatment. From the high costs to the delivery and tracking and complex regimens, small mistakes can quickly become costly and derail even the most attentive individual’s cycle. Oftentimes circumstances entirely outside of a person’s control can lead to added costs and frustrations.

That’s why we’re proud to offer Carrot Rx® — a single source for all of your fertility and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medication needs that offers unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, premium support, and flexibility to ensure that every fertility experience is as seamless as possible.

Carrot Rx, launched in May 2020, completely transforms the fertility medication experience from cold and complicated to personalized and pleasant. The entire experience is personalized for each member, designed to address their needs, get them the right information when they need it, and build their confidence. Carrot Rx is available for Carrot members in the U.S.

Carrot Rx provides retail pharmacy services, as well as financial administration of pharmacy reimbursement programs and services. This component of the life-changing Carrot experience makes a huge difference for anyone going through fertility care.

Exceptional fertility care and personalized support, every step of the way

From the first interaction with Carrot Rx, the experience is centered on providing members with the highest-quality, attentive support. When their first medication package arrives, members will be greeted with an experience unlike any other in Rx — a greeting card with a QR code to scan for more help, virtual medication guides and the option to get in touch with a clinician anytime to walk through all of the contents in real time.

And if a member has questions at any point, clinicians are only a call away, anytime, day or night, with a dedicated phone line that never sends anyone to voicemail. As the leading global fertility benefit provider, Carrot is proud to offer multi-language support to all members.

With accessible care navigators and support tailored to each member's unique needs, Carrot Rx increases confidence throughout every step of the process.

All of your fertility medications, available at the best price

Through negotiated rates, Carrot Rx saves its members up to 40% on their medications. And beyond that, drug costs can be covered directly with a member’s Carrot Card® — that means no more waiting for reimbursements.  

Deliver peace of mind while driving better clinical outcomes

We know that not every journey goes according to plan. Carrot Rx is built to accommodate all of those bumps in the road as they come along. 

  • Dropped a medication vial and need to get a replacement delivered ASAP to keep your cycle on track? We’ve got you covered with complimentary next-day delivery and same-day options as needed. 
  • Nervous about giving yourself an injection for the first time? We have clinicians you can talk to and on-demand instructional videos. 
  • Running low on a medication? Schedule a refill in the app, online, or by calling our dedicated phone line anytime.

With Carrot Rx, U.S. members get peace of mind knowing they're receiving the best care at the best price.

Since we started Carrot in 2016, we’ve been laser focused on our mission: fertility care for all. All of us at Carrot are committed to providing equal access to fertility care for everyone, everywhere — regardless of age, race, income, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital status, or geography. Carrot Rx is part of our commitment to making fertility care truly accessible for everyone.

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