Carrot Core: Telehealth care for fertility & pregnancy

Since we started Carrot in 2016, we’ve had one focus — to make fertility care affordable and accessible for everyone who wants or needs it. Today, companies across every category — from consumer packaged goods brands like Clif Bar to large multinational technology companies like Snap, Inc. — partner with Carrot to offer fertility benefits. We’re proud to support more than 100 companies in 40 countries across North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  

Regardless of their focus, one thing all of Carrot’s customers share is the belief that fertility care is a fundamental part of human healthcare. Companies of all sizes and stages share this view, which is why we’re launching a new product to better serve them. Today, we’re proud to introduce Carrot Core, the easiest and most affordable way for employers to offer fertility benefits.

A new Carrot product tier, Carrot Core offers comprehensive fertility care and pregnancy telehealth resources for employees of U.S. companies — covering everything from early consideration phases through fertility treatments, adoption, and pregnancy — without the need to commit to an additional financial benefit.


Same-day implementation makes it easier than ever for employers to get started 

Fertility treatments and family forming options like third party reproduction and adoption are among the most complex, anxiety-inducing areas of healthcare. One of the most commonly asked questions of our Care Team is “Where do I begin?” We help answer that question for Carrot members and provide expert guidance every step of their parenthood journey, reducing the emotional strain of fertility care while guiding them to the best possible health outcomes. 


Telehealth with doctors, nurses, and more to navigate fertility & pregnancy healthcare 

Carrot Core offers many of the same features today’s Carrot members use the most: fertility and family forming education, unlimited virtual chats with physicians and other specialists, an expert-authored library of resources, and exclusive discounts. It also includes access to one of our newest offerings: Carrot Pregnancy, which includes unlimited virtual access to OB/GYNs and pregnancy specialists, prenatal yoga and meditation classes, guidance from doulas and midwives on birth plans, and more.

Carrot Core also includes an expansive telehealth program with unlimited virtual visits with reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, and adoption experts; on-demand chats with mental health and emotional support experts including family therapists and grief counselors; and virtual chats with OB/GYNs, doulas, midwives, nutritionists, and lactation specialists to answer pregnancy questions. 


A virtual pharmacy experience with better prices & 24/7 specialist access

Carrot Core includes access to Carrot Rx, a single source for all of your fertility medication needs with unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, premium support, and flexibility. With Carrot Rx, every experience is as seamless as possible — from the option to unbox your medications live over video chat with an expert to a 24/7 dedicated phone line that never sends anyone to voicemail, members always have access to the support they need. The premium pharmacy experience includes easy prescription, vitamin, and supplement ordering and free delivery.

Customized fertility plans designed to meet the needs of any company

Employers need flexibility — and with the addition of Carrot Core, our plans give companies the ability to grow their offering as they expand. For U.S. companies who want to add a financial benefit to Carrot Core’s telehealth and support programs, the Carrot Pro plan includes everything Carrot Core has to offer plus financial administration of the benefit and the Carrot Card. Carrot members can use the Carrot Card to pay for fertility care at eligible providers, eliminating the need to pay out-of-pocket and wait for reimbursement. For companies, the Carrot Card offers hassle-free reimbursements, saving time and headaches by making benefit administration as smooth as possible. The Carrot Pro + Global plan is Carrot’s most robust product, built for multinational companies offering their global workforce an employer-sponsored financial benefit in addition to extensive fertility and family forming support. 

With Carrot Core and new customization options for employers, fertility care is accessible and affordable for more people. Are you ready to learn more about how Carrot can support your company? Get in touch today.

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