Health Transformation Alliance selects Carrot Fertility as premier partner

Carrot Fertility, the leading global platform for fertility healthcare and family-forming benefits, announced today it has partnered with Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), a cooperative of more than 60 of America’s largest employers, covering more than 11 million members globally. Through this partnership, Carrot becomes the preferred fertility healthcare and family-forming benefits provider for HTA’s member organizations. HTA member employers will receive an unparalleled member experience and guidance on healthcare decisions for their employees, as well as access to exclusive advantages to easily integrate fertility benefits into their healthcare offerings.

“We are honored to partner with HTA to drive better health outcomes for employees and their families through self-insured employer health plans,” said Tammy Sun, Founder and CEO, Carrot Fertility. “Through this partnership and our shared mission to expand access to care, we are making fertility healthcare more accessible and affordable to all, regardless of age, race, income, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or geography.”

As the leader in global fertility healthcare, Carrot is the trusted benefits solution for more than 800 companies, including Box, Ferring, Peloton, Reed Smith, and Snap, Inc. Carrot offers comprehensive care across the entire lifelong fertility healthcare journey, including pre-pregnancy, preservation, IVF, pregnancy and postpartum, menopause and low testosterone, adoption, gestational surrogacy, and more. With a fast-growing network of more than 8,000 reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, doulas, OB/GYNs, midwives, lawyers, and mental health experts, Carrot offers high-quality care with award-winning member experiences.

“As healthcare costs continue to rise, we are looking for innovative solutions and partners that can help lower costs and improve health outcomes for our member organizations and their employees,” said Robert Andrews, CEO, Health Transformation Alliance. “Carrot's approach to coverage is unique in that it enables employers to access fertility benefits with greater flexibility, transparency, and more predictable cost controls — while avoiding millions of dollars in unnecessary medical claims.”

Carrot’s personalized care navigation meets members where they are and optimizes for healthy outcomes and cost-effectiveness. Rather than fast-tracking members into the clinic for expensive, emotionally draining, and potentially unnecessary surgery, such as IVF, Carrot educates members about all their options and guides them to the appropriate level of intervention based on their needs and preferences.

To learn more about Carrot Fertility and how the company works with employers and health plans, get in touch with us.

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