Carrot Recognized in Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards

We’re proud to announce the Carrot Card® has been selected as an honorable mention in the Health and Wellness category of Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards. It’s an honor to be recognized for our work to make fertility care more accessible and affordable to everyone by offering an easier and more affordable way for employers to provide flexible fertility coverage.

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas program is focused on social good, seeking to elevate finished products and brave concepts that make the world better. A panel of eminent judges selected winners and finalists from a pool of more than 3,000 entries based on feasibility and the potential for impact. Fast Company editor-in-chief Stephanie Mehta commented, “There seems no better time to recognize organizations that are using their ingenuity, resources, and, in some cases, their scale to tackle society’s biggest problems.”

Carrot launched in 2016 with the mission to make fertility care and family forming accessible and affordable for the millions of people who want or need it. The Carrot Card solves the biggest problem people face when accessing high-quality fertility care — cost. The Carrot Card works like a debit card, with special controls for employers to both expand and control coverage employees use the card to pay for treatments and services at eligible Carrot provider locations. Funds are deducted from their employer-sponsored benefit, eliminating the need to pay up-front and wait to be reimbursed. By removing the financial barrier, the Carrot Card opens up access to the life-changing benefit of fertility care to every employee who has Carrot as a workplace benefit. Since the Carrot Card launched, one in four members have requested and received the card and nearly half of these employees have already used it to pay for treatments and services including egg freezing, in vitro fertilization (IVF), adoption, and gestational carrier services.

It’s an incredible honor to be recognized in Fast Company’s prestigious 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards program. The entire team at Carrot is energized by this distinction and more motivated than ever to continue our work improving access to this vital part of healthcare. 

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