Menopause in the workplace 2023: A report from Carrot Fertility

Since we published our first Menopause in the Workplace report last year, conversations about the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause have become more common. Public figures and celebrities in the U.S. have even shared their own experiences and called for more attention to the myriad ways this life stage can impact women. In the UK, a movement to make workplaces “menopause friendly” has started gaining momentum.

While these conversations are promising, change doesn’t happen overnight. This year, we surveyed 2,000 people across the U.S. and the UK to understand whether more open discussions in public have inspired candid conversations at work, among friends, or at the doctor’s office — and if those conversations have led to more women seeking menopause care.

The results reveal that menopause remains a challenge — and for many, a mystery. Overall, 80% of respondents cited menopause as a workplace challenge, less than 20% understood symptoms before they began, and more than half considered making an employment change because of menopause.

Chances are, menopause symptoms are impacting some of your key leaders. Read the full report for insights on the support respondents would value most from their employers.

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