Fertility news from Europe: 3 Key takeaways from ESHRE 2022

As part of our mission to make fertility and family-forming care accessible and affordable to all, Carrot is committed to keeping up with the latest fertility treatment and care trends worldwide. That’s why the Carrot Team virtually attended the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) 38th annual conference) this summer. ESHRE collaborates globally and promotes universal improvements in scientific research and clinical practice. It also provides guidance that enhances safety and quality assurance in clinical and laboratory procedures. Here are a few of the biggest takeaways from the sessions we attended at ESHRE.

The end of donor anonymity could be coming

With the widespread availability of commercial genetic testing, the possibility of tracking family history is as simple as a quick saliva test. At ESHRE, research was presented on how this can impact fertility treatments. People conceived by sperm and egg donation, as well as their parents and donors, are using genetic DNA testing in various ways –– many of which were presented at this year’s conference. These tests jeopardize donor anonymity, as a donor or even a close relative to the donor could be identified. With the rapid growth of these tests, the fertility sector are faced with a new responsibility in regards to donor treatments and may need to assess the need to provide additional counseling or support to patients.

Assisted reproduction is still important in times of war

The ongoing situation in Ukraine has changed the lives of many –– including those seeking and providing fertility treatment. A Ukrainian embryologist presented details on how IVF clinics were forced to make quick decisions for patients in ongoing treatment and for the frozen eggs, embryos, and sperm in storage. Some clinics had risk management procedures in place and were able to transport frozen biomaterial out of IVF clinics in city centres to bordering countries. 

Carrot has been so inspired by the bravery and quick responses from the fertility professionals working hard to ensure the safety of patients and their cryopreserved gametes and embryos.

A new emphasis on patient experience

Along with an impressive scientific programme on advancements in fertility treatments, a big focus this year was on fertility care from a patient perspective. Two previous fertility patients gave heartfelt presentations about their experiences going through treatment. They highlighted the need for more support available to patients who are undergoing any type of fertility treatment as it can help to make informed decisions, manage anxiety, and cope better when actively in treatment. In addition to patient speakers, doctors from Amsterdam and Belgium presented their research on having a patient-centred culture in their clinics and the importance of clear communication, patient involvement and emotional support.

At Carrot, our members are at the core of everything we do. As a global solution, we strive to understand cultural nuances that impact care and provide the best support to our customers regardless of where they are. We look forward to putting these insights into action and collaborating with leading global experts to support Carrot members.

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