Employee Spotlight: Haley Kennedy

When a company provides the Carrot benefit, our goal is to drive optimal awareness of the Carrot benefit among that customer’s employee population. Enter the Growth & Engagement team, who do this through various campaign, channel, customer, and messaging strategies. Haley Kennedy, Growth Marketing Manager, works alongside the team to ensure that our customers’ employee populations know how and when to use their Carrot benefit. 

Based in New York City, Haley creates meaningful and ongoing engagement with our enrolled members through communications. This includes testing various communication modalities, channels, and messaging to surface user insights and activities. 

We sat down with Haley to learn more about her experiences, her favorite parts of working at Carrot, and how she makes the most of her employee benefits at Carrot.

When did you join Carrot? 

I started at Carrot in October 2021.

Why did you join Carrot? 

I joined Carrot because it was the perfect opportunity to challenge myself as a Growth Marketer at a fast-growing startup, contribute to building out the Growth & Engagement team, and make an impact on people’s lives through a mission I deeply care about. The other Carrots I interviewed with also made it impossible to pass up the opportunity to work with them — it was an immediate “Yes” for me! 

What is the best thing about your job? 

The best part about my job is all of the Carrot employees I work with daily. I am grateful to work with such caring, compassionate, and intelligent people who are committed to our mission and are experts at what they do. Despite working remotely, I feel so connected to each person I work with and have a strong sense of community within the organization — it feels like we are a little family!

What is your favorite perk about working at Carrot? 

My favorite perk about working at Carrot is our employee benefit through Modern Health. I am grateful that Carrot advocates for its employees to prioritize our mental health and well-being. This benefit has allowed me to meet virtually with a coach to support me in setting new personal and professional goals and taking aligned action to bring them into reality. 

How would you describe Carrot’s culture? 

Carrot is a motivating and fulfilling place to work! The culture is mission-driven, thoughtful, and caring, which can be seen through our commitment to excellence in serving our customers, our members, and our mission — all while internally being invested in each other’s personal growth and happiness. 

What do you appreciate the most about working at Carrot? 

I always feel seen and cared for as an individual at Carrot. The People team constantly provides us with new learning and development opportunities, and I am confident in reaching my professional development goals through our quarterly check-in process. I also appreciate that my leadership encourages me to pursue interests outside of work that fill my cup, such as investing in performing arts, taking international hiking trips, and teaching yoga. 

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