Employee spotlight: Gina Klein, Consultant Relations team

As Carrot’s Chief Human Resources Officer, I have the privilege of connecting with Carrot employees across teams daily. Regardless of team or job function, one shared trait stands out among all of our Carrots: the commitment to our mission of fertility care for all. In this employee spotlight series, we’ll share some of the experiences that brought our employees to Carrot and motivate them each day — plus highlight a few of their favorite perks of being part of our award-winning remote workforce

Today, get to know Gina, the projects she loves working on, what excites her about working at Carrot, and how she uses her Carrot benefit personally. If you’re interested in joining our mission-driven team, we’re hiring

Name: Gina Klein

Title: Engagement Director

Team: Consultant Relations

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

When did you join Carrot?

Almost three years ago! My first day was in February of 2019. 

What is the best thing about your job?

The best part about my job is having great conversations that turn into great relationships. Those great relationships yield partnerships and client launches, which then lead to families being built through the Carrot benefit. 

I love knowing that as an organization, we are in the business of giving people opportunity: the opportunity for a child in foster care to be adopted, for someone with a cancer diagnosis to preserve their fertility, or for someone struggling to get pregnant to be able to go through treatment without going into debt.

Why did you join Carrot? 

Like many on our team, I was moved by Carrot's mission. Before joining Carrot, I worked in advertising and was driven to more heart-centered work. I joined Carrot after watching a close family member struggle with infertility, unable to access any sort of insurance coverage due to being in a same-sex couple. I recently went through an egg retrieval with hopes of becoming a donor for a family member. That’s something I likely would never have considered if it weren't for my wonderful experiences at Carrot. 

What is your favorite perk about working at Carrot?

At the risk of sounding cheesy: I love my Carrot benefit. The education and Care Navigation provided to me through my preservation journeys was stress relieving and helped me to make better decisions. 

Another one of my favorites: I am a power user of our mental health benefit. I’ve used the platform for coaching and for therapy. Having access to ongoing mental health support helps me stay relaxed and happy as well as fulfill my dreams. Feeling calm, happy, and fulfilled in turn makes me a more effective employee. Wins all around!

How would you describe Carrot’s culture? 

Carrot is a collaborative workplace. I appreciate the way the ideas that we have and work on together dictate Carrot's course. I appreciate the number of times I've been in a small group meeting discussing a challenge that the group is facing, or what we are hearing from the market, and seeing that discussion lead to a change in process or product. 

What do you appreciate the most about working at Carrot? 

The team! I love working with my coworkers and the friendships that I've built with my colleagues over the years.

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