Employee Spotlight: Dylan Weinberger

Members of the Information Security team at Carrot have a common goal of securing Carrot’s data — from sensitive health information to our business-related information. The team works alongside the entire Carrot organization to maintain and lead Carrot’s security (re)certification process, maintain compliance with applicable data regulations (e.g., General Data Protection Regulation), respond to security inquiries from customers and members, identify and resolve security incidents, and more. Part of this important team is Dylan Weinberger (he/him), Carrot’s Information Security & Privacy Manager. 

Based in Brooklyn, Dylan focuses on building out Carrot’s data privacy program documentation and controls needed to comply with regulatory data requirements and protect the data of our customers, members, and employees. 

We sat down with Dylan to learn more about his experiences and his favorite parts of working at Carrot.

When did you join Carrot?

I joined Carrot in March of 2022. 

What is the best thing about your job? 

What I enjoy most about my role is the ability to grow alongside Carrot. I am relatively early in my career, so each day, I feel I am growing as a leader and subject matter expert as Carrot continues to grow. 

I feel very fortunate that Carrot, and my team, specifically, allow me to focus on the subject areas that are important to me and our leadership, customers, and members.

Why did you join Carrot? 

I joined Carrot because the opportunity allowed me to focus on the subject matter that I am passionate about while providing me with the healthy environment and meaningful mission I sought in my career up until Carrot. Between the nature of the role and my initial conversations with leadership, I was confident in my ability to succeed and Carrot’s commitment to supporting my well-being and career. Fortunately, both have proven to be true.

What is your favorite perk about working at Carrot? 

My favorite Carrot perk has to be the Productivity Stipend, where each month, Carrot provides a stipend to invest in ourselves that helps us be our best selves at work. That, along with the flexible PTO policy, has allowed me to easily take time and cover expenses related to training and travel for a long bike ride I did this summer. I am incredibly grateful for the support.

How would you describe Carrot’s culture? 

I could best describe Carrot’s culture as being both inclusive and supportive. I admire Carrot immensely for practicing what it preaches; employees receive the same consistent, reliable, and inclusive support as our members. This encompasses the entirety of our Carrot experience, from benefits to work experience to employee development, allowing us to feel safe and supported in our personal and professional lives.

What do you appreciate the most about working at Carrot? 

What I appreciate most about Carrot, and what warms my heart, is the team I get to learn from, laugh with, and work with each day. For the first time in my career, I have joined a family that allows me to be my authentic self. 

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