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Employee spotlight: Becca Chong

Carrot’s Employer Sales Team works hard to ensure that employers interested in offering Carrot as a benefit understand all of the resources our benefit provides. They play an extremely important role in communicating Carrot’s value. One of the members of this team is Rebecca (Becca) Chong (she/her), a Carrot Account Executive. Based in Warrenton, VA, Becca is responsible for communicating with Small Business prospects. 

We sat down with Becca to learn more about her experience and favorite parts of working at Carrot.

How long have you been at Carrot? I’ve been at Carrot just under 2 years. My second  “Carrotversary” is in April. The time has really flown by, given the growth of the company since I first came on board. 

What do you do in your role? I work with employers and their consultants and brokers to bring inclusive fertility and family-building benefits to their employees, as well as their partners and spouses. 

What does your business function do? As part of the Employer Sales team, which is a part of our larger Commercial team, I help employers enhance their overall benefits package by adding Carrot. 

What is the best thing about your job? I get to meet and connect with so many new people every week. Each person I work with represents so many people who will have improved access to fertility options with our benefit. Hearing stories of how excited employees are when this benefit is rolled out is a constant reminder of why we do what we do, and each story makes me smile. 

Why did you join Carrot? I joined Carrot because of my passion for improving our healthcare system. There is so much inequity in healthcare today, and what we do at Carrot has a real impact on improving that broken system. Not only do we bridge important gaps in care, we take an inclusive approach so that every person has the opportunity to access resources and medical experts that are culturally appropriate.

What is your favorite perk about working at Carrot? I would definitely say working from home. While I know that some people prefer to work in a traditional office, our distributed remote model allows me the flexibility in my daily schedule that I need, especially for work–life balance. 

How would you describe Carrot’s culture? The Carrot team is mission-driven, supportive, and collaborative. We have team members with  all different kinds of backgrounds coming together to work on the common goal of supporting as many people as we can with a great family-building benefit. We also have many Employee Community Groups (ECGs) to support employees. As Leader of our “Black @ Carrot” ECG and a member of our Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) ECG, I really appreciate how these groups bring Carrots from all different teams together in safe spaces. 

What do you appreciate the most about working at Carrot? I really appreciate how many lives I am able to change. I have always been passionate about creating access to healthcare, and my role allows me to improve a broken system for so many people who otherwise would not have access to the care and support they need and deserve. 

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