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Carrot + Legacy: More options for sperm testing

Carrot + Legacy: More options for sperm testing

Carrot Fertility and Legacy
Apr 28, 2021
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At Carrot, we’ve always believed the conversation about fertility is for everyone — regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. Still, far too often, people with sperm are left out of those discussions. Today, we’re thrilled to announce expanded options for Carrot members through a new partnership with Legacy, a digital fertility clinic. Through this partnership, U.S.-based Carrot members will be able to test, freeze, and improve the quality of their sperm from the comfort of home.

Sperm testing and infertility

Age, lifestyle, and genetics all impact fertility. A third of all infertility cases are due to male-factor issues, and 40% of Carrot members identify as male. We’ve shared personal stories from Carrot members dealing with this in the past. However, while identifying these issues early on can have a dramatic impact on one’s path to parenthood, the vast majority of interventions have been focused on people with ovaries. 

Easy-to-access fertility testing with personalized results for Carrot members

Legacy’s team of international fertility and healthcare experts are focused on simplifying the fertility-testing process. Once members order a sperm-testing kit and collect their sample at home, Legacy picks up the sample and delivers it to their CLIA-certified lab. 

Legacy’s labs are focused on five key factors of sperm health: volume, count, concentration, motility (how well they move), and morphology (size, shape, and appearance). They also offer options to assess sperm’s genetic health (DNA fragmentation) and freeze samples for future use. Every Carrot member using Legacy will receive an in-depth report about their sperm health with personalized guidance for improving it, along with the opportunity to discuss their results with a fertility expert. Carrot members can also schedule a chat with a Carrot Expert at any time if they have further questions about their fertility or care options.

Convenient options for fertility care from the comfort of home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring challenges to healthcare, it’s more important than ever before that members have options for beginning their fertility journeys and learning about their fertility health from home. With virtual access to experts, doctor-approved content, and, now, at-home, comprehensive sperm analysis, Carrot dramatically reduces the need for in-person clinic visits, allowing members to access care easily — no matter where they're located.

Carrot members have exclusive, discounted access to Legacy’s packages with added VIP-level support, including priority shipping, a dedicated service advisor, enhanced storage options, and personalized results calls with experts. 

If you’re a Carrot member interested in Legacy, please reach out to our Care Team.

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