Your employees want fertility benefits — what’s next?

By offering comprehensive and inclusive fertility healthcare and family-forming benefits, you’ll help your employees access the right care and get personalized support, so they feel empowered to take on health changes at every life stage all while saving your company money.

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How would fertility benefits help my company?

Recruiting & retention initiatives

72% circle graph

72% of employees say they would stay at their company longer if they had access to fertility benefits

65% circle graph

65% of employees say they would change jobs to work for a company that offers fertility benefits

42% circle graph

42% of employees say that a new job offer with no fertility benefits would be a “deal breaker”

Cost-saving initiatives

97% of employers have not seen an increase in costs since they started offering fertility coverage

Avoiding a single NICU visit, in nearly all cases, covers the cost of providing fertility benefits to your organization

Presenteeism costs employers 10 times more than absenteeism

65% of employees spend time at work researching fertility treatments, benefits, and family forming

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Diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) initiatives

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40% of employers offer fertility benefits to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

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One-third of employers think there is insufficient support in benefits for the LGBTQ+ employees

2-3x improvement graph

Highly-inclusive organizations generate 2.3x more cash flow per employee and 1.4x more revenue

Carrot Fertility provides personalized care to your global workforce on one easy-to-access platform. 

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