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Egg freezing: How we helped a Carrot member's future fertility

A 35-year old member in an East Asian country wanted to understand her options for egg freezing.

In some parts of the world, fertility preservation like egg freezing is inaccessible due to marital status, age, or other factors. Carrot understands and respects local laws and regulations in every country where we operate. So in this case, we supported this member with education, expert coaching, and access to legal resources to ensure she could make the best decisions for her fertility health.

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How we helped

The Carrot Care Team helped the member understand what was accessible to her, both within and outside of the East Asian country where she lives. Since she had a pre-planned trip to visit family in California, Carrot helped her explore options in San Francisco. The Care Team even matched her with a fertility clinic with deep experience supporting patients from other countries, which has unique language and logistical challenges.

Her journey today

The member was able to use her benefit for legal services and as well as medical treatments at a high-quality, Carrot provider in California, where she successfully pursued a round of egg freezing.

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