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IVF international care: Global support for a Carrot member

A Carrot member and her husband living in the U.S. wanted to retrieve embryos from overseas.

After recent unsuccessful IVF attempts and learning that accessing more eggs would be a challenge, she and her husband wanted to use  embryos they had previously frozen while living in Australia.

However, trying to find a qualified transportation company that could safely move their embryos proved overwhelming — so they were beginning to lose hope.

A bridge

How we helped

The Carrot Care Team got to work, helping the member understand the legalities of shipping embryos internationally and connecting her with a U.S fertility specialist who would accept them. The Care Team enabled the member and her husband to choose between two options: travel to Australia to receive IVF there, or ship their embryos to a high-quality Carrot provider in the U.S.

Her journey today

The member and her husband decided to ship their embryos to the U.S.-based Carrot provider. They received IVF care with the continued support of their Care Team.