Features that yield benefits

Taking the fight out of fertility for employees

Features that yield benefits

Taking the fight out of fertility for employees

Fertility care is often a difficult experience to manage alone. We know how to make the experience less expensive and anxious while driving healthier outcomes.

Custom plan designs to get you started anytime

Get started
Not sure where to start with fertility care? You're not alone. Carrot meets you at your personal starting point.

Start any time of year
Unlike insurance, we can get started at your company any time, not just once a year.

Smart matching
Data drives all our recommendations. Behind the data is your own friendly care team.

A deep resource for every stage of the journey

Include your partner
Every employee can add a partner or spouse to their plan.

Find content, clinics, and care
Access doctor-approved videos and written content to help you avoid the Google rabbit-hole.

Reimbursements made simple
Submit your paid expenses for covered care and we’ll get you paid in a jiffy.

Access to experts to answer your questions directly

National and International
Our network of preferred clinics and fertility experts spans the globe.

Experts in their field
Our clinical fertility experts come from leading institutions and cover a variety of specialties.

Nothing too small
We’re here to answer your questions whether they be curiosities or a crisis.

A powerful platform to personalize, process, and pay

Personalized power
Our intelligent platform uses employee preferences to help identify and serve content and tools to help them quickly.

Connected network
Our systems use industry accepted protocols to securely connect and scale our partner network.

Payments made easy
Our custom platform allows us to handle the often painful reimbursement process between all parties with ease and accuracy.

Eligible employees kept in sync with HR and IT

We use industry-leading security protocols to protect personal information and keep our records in sync with your latest employee tables.

Anonymized reporting to see engagement and expense

Employers can view anonymized reporting on employee engagement and how they are taking advantage of their benefit.