How we help companies

We make your people our priority

How we help companies

We make your people our priority

We take the fear out of fertility for your employees, replacing it with a compassionate, data-driven experience that optimizes for the healthiest outcome.

Easy to customize

Easy to customize

No minimum, no maximum
We bust the myth that fertility coverage is all or nothing. A little goes a long way with Carrot's unique program.

Simple, secure sign-in
Carrot works with your current SAML solution, most single sign-on providers, as well as custom eligibility checks.

Easy day-to-day management
Our pioneering tech removes complexity and replaces it with a simple experience so this doesn't become "one more thing" to do.

Benchmarking insights
Understand how the market is moving towards standardized fertility coverage to stay competitive for your growth stage.

Access to experts and a premium member experience

Largest networkUnlock faster appointments, better prices, and other exclusive experiences at clinics and pharmacies nationwide.

Smart matchingEmployees are matched with the right provider based on preferences, supported by Carrot's world-class team of doctors, clinicians, and researchers.

Video or text chatNo more late-night Googling. Get trusted answers to questions from fertility experts who speak plain English.

Personalized contentEach person is unique. Gay parents have different needs than women seeking egg freezing. Carrot tailors each experience for the individual member.

Reports to track costs, engagement and employee feedback

Anonymized and up-to-date
Carrot offers enterprise-level privacy features to safeguard your employees' health information. You'll get the insights you want without being exposed to personally identifiable data.

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Tell us about your company, and we’ll reach out to create the best plan for you and your organization.