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Fertility care wherever you are: Carrot’s 2021 year in review

Fertility care wherever you are: Carrot’s 2021 year in review

Carrot's year in review 2021
Dec 20, 2021
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At Carrot, we support fertility and family-forming journeys no matter where our members are in the process or the world. In 2021, we introduced new resources to make it easier for members to start their journeys and get care from home. At the same time, we welcomed hundreds of new fertility clinics, agencies, and attorneys to our vetted network and expanded our reach to more than 60 countries. In other words, it’s been a busy year here at Carrot! As we look toward an equally productive 2022, let’s pause and take a closer look at some of the progress we made in 2021.

We made family-forming journeys easier to navigate

Every family-forming journey is unique, and it’s not always clear what step to take next. That’s why we created Carrot Plans, personalized, step-by-step guides created by Carrot Experts for each member’s needs and goals. Carrot Plans make it easy to understand where resources like expert chats, at-home tests, and educational resources fit in with a member’s overall plans. And Carrot Plans are flexible: If a member’s needs change, their Carrot Plan changes with them.

We launched new resources to access care from the comfort of home

Getting started on a fertility journey historically involved visiting specialists in person — sometimes several depending on the information needed. In 2021, we introduced two new resources for Carrot members to learn about their fertility from home. First, we made it possible for members to learn more about their sperm health and consider preservation without stepping into a doctor’s office. We also introduced an exclusive Female Fertility and Wellness Test that offers a comprehensive look at both fertility and other health factors that can impact fertility, such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels. These resources complement Carrot’s other at-home resources, including discounted access to an ovulation tracking bracelet and our virtual chats with experts in fertility, nutrition, mental health, and more.

We learned what employees want from their employers

In April, Carrot shared results from our first Fertility at Work survey and learned from more than 1,000 respondents how their employers supported their family-forming journeys — and what’s still missing. In our survey, just 12% of respondents had access to fertility benefits at work. And of those, half did not feel that their company’s benefits were enough to cover all of their family-forming needs. Our survey also found that 88% of respondents would change jobs for fertility benefits. Our findings underscored the value fertility benefits bring to both employees and employers and showed how much ground there still is to cover to ensure everyone has the support they need to grow their family.

We brought inclusive fertility access to employees around the world

Carrot supported the global workforces of companies like Momentive, Samsara, and Box with fertility benefits this year. In total, we partnered with more than 300 customers in 60+ countries, making fertility benefits available to over 500,000 people worldwide. We can’t wait to support even more family-forming journeys in 2022.

Check out more highlights from our year below:

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