COVID-19 vaccines and fertility treatment

As the world looks hopefully towards COVID-19 vaccine candidates, we at Carrot have been considering what this means for Carrot members who are undergoing fertility treatment or plan to attempt becoming pregnant in the near future. 

Tips to help you navigate care

Depending on where you’re located and your personal circumstances, the situation and requirements may differ. We put together some questions to help support you as you navigate conversations with your clinic or healthcare provider. Keep in mind that while some clinics and healthcare providers may not have the answers to every question you have due to the quickly-evolving nature of COVID-19 vaccine information and related guidance, speaking with your physician is always recommended early on in your journey. 

Questions to help you navigate:

  • Discuss with your clinic: Based on my current health and fertility situation, what should I consider if I choose to get a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Discuss with your clinic: Does your clinic require patients to be vaccinated before starting fertility treatment?
  • Discuss with your clinic: If I receive the vaccine, will there be a waiting period until I can receive care? Does this differ depending on which vaccine I receive?
  • Discuss with your clinic: Will clinic staff be vaccinated? If not, what precautions do you foresee in place to ensure safety?
  • If you are an international patient: Is your clinic currently accepting or planning to soon accept international patients?
  • If you are an international patient: Are there quarantine or testing requirements upon arrival in the country you are traveling to?
  • If you are an international patient: Do you have basic and emergency medical coverage or insurance while you are traveling for care?
  • If you need to travel (by air, sea, road or rail) to receive care: Does the transport carrier or relevant official require passengers to be vaccinated? 

Still have questions about how COVID-19 may impact your fertility treatment? Get in touch with the Carrot Care Team.

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