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Carrot’s personalized approach to fertility & family-forming care

Carrot’s personalized approach to fertility & family-forming care

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Aug 27, 2021
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At Carrot, we know the path to parenthood isn’t always straightforward. Some Carrot members know they want to grow their family, but aren’t sure where to start. Others have begun the process but encountered challenges and need guidance on what step to take next. We wanted to make it easier for Carrot members to understand what to do each step of the way and conveniently access the specific resources they needed to move forward. 

Carrot Plans — created by Carrot Experts — bring Carrot resources together in a step-by-step guide that helps members reach their family-forming goals. Carrot Experts consider factors like medical history, age, sex, gender identity, and location to develop each unique plan. Depending on someone’s path and profile, their plan might include educational resources, tips on finding local clinics, guidance on experts to talk to, information on how to access medication through Carrot Rx, and more. After a Carrot member receives their plan, experts are available to offer unlimited one-on-one support throughout their journey. Carrot Plans will be available to all Carrot members starting January 1, 2022. 

An example of a Carrot Plan

Personalized pathways 

Inclusivity has been core to what we do at Carrot from day one. Carrot Plans are customized to each member’s unique needs, whether that’s matching with a BIPOC provider, finding an LGBTQ+-inclusive adoption agency, or understanding the legal implications of using donor-assisted reproduction. While Carrot always provided support for these journeys, now, members receive a customized guide that makes it simple to see exactly what steps to take. 

For a same-sex couple pursuing adoption, their plan could include suggestions on LGBTQ+-inclusive adoption agencies, guidance on legal considerations around adoption, and mental health resources if the couple says the process has gotten stressful. A plan for a single, cis-woman considering having a child on her own with a sperm donor might include guidance on a fertility health assessment, information on sperm banks in Carrot’s network, and legal resources related to donor-assisted reproduction. Carrot Plans are also open to those who are already pregnant, whether or not they used Carrot resources to help.

Taking a different path

We understand that plans change; that’s why Carrot Plans are flexible. If a member needs or wants to take a different path, they simply re-connect with a Carrot Expert to discuss alternative plans and how to take the next step. 

Working closely with an expert can also reveal paths a member didn’t initially consider. For example, most people are familiar with in vitro fertilization (IVF) as a treatment for infertility, but it’s not the right option for everyone to start with — in fact, just under 5% of people use IVF. Instead of starting out by guiding someone to IVF, a Carrot Expert may direct a member to try a less costly and invasive option, such as an ovulation tracker, and provide resources on topics like nutrition and fertility. Helping members understand their options and guide them toward appropriate care helps improve outcomes and lower costs in the long term, too.

Fertility and family-forming care isn’t one size fits all. We’re excited to see how Carrot Plans demystify complicated journeys, uncover options, and provide the unique resources our members need for each step along the way.

Want to learn more about how Carrot Plans can support your workforce? Get in touch with us.

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