Our Company

Carrot offers a fertility benefit for modern companies. It is focused on making fertility care easier, accessible and more affordable.

The Carrot Team

Tammy Sun

CEO, Co-founder

Dr. Asima Ahmad

Medical, Co-founder

Juli Insinger

Growth, Co-founder

Arun Venkatesan

Design, Co-founder

Amy Hite

Customer Success

Dan Cleary


Rebecca Kim


Mikayla Johnson

Member Experience

Meet a Few of Our Experts

Shem Lewis, RN

Shem is an RN, MSW with more than a decade of experience working with fertility patients at world-class fertility centers. She earned her graduate degree from the University of Chicago and nursing degree from the College of Marin.

Dr. Amanda Adeleye

Dr. Adeleye is working to improve what is possible in the field of fertility. She received her MD from Columbia University and has published work on how to better manage the unique medical and reproductive needs of the transgender population.

Fertility Benefits For Modern Companies

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